Witwatersrand Orchid Society

next monthly meeting for 2021

The WOS monthly meeting is held on a Sunday  at 13h00 for 14H00 and usually end between 16h00 & 16h30

PLEASE NOTE that due to renovation at our usual venue, The Floreum, still being in its final stages as well as the fact that gatherings are prohibited in the Gardens until further notice, the final meeting dates are still to be finalised but will  customarily be on the last Sunday of each month, but please see below for each specific month’s meeting.

The tentative dates are as follows:

January meeting – Cancelled due to Lockdown restrictions…

February meeting – planned for 28 February,  but subject to Lockdown restrictions…

March meeting – planned for 28 March,  but still to be confirmed

April meeting – planned for 25 April,  but still to be confirmed

May meeting – planned for 30 May – but still to be confirmed 

June meeting – planned for 27 June – but still to be confirmed 

July meeting – planned for 25 July  – but still to be confirmed 

August meeting – planned for 29 August -but still to be confirmed  

September meeting – planned for 26 September – but still to be confirmed 

October meeting – planned for 31 October – but still to be confirmed

November meeting – Usually our year-end event so subject to further details in due course