Witwatersrand Orchid Society

Fun and Friendship through Orchids


The Witwatersrand Orchid Society (WOS) is one of the oldest orchid societies in South Africa, having been formed in 1963, under its original name of The Transvaal Orchid Society. 

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are a very diverse group, both in age and background with members ranging from complete novices to experienced growers with many decades of experience in growing all types of orchids.



WOS was founded to promote and further the culture of all types of orchids while promoting the knowledge and protection of our indigenous orchid species among the general public.



The WOS has a substantial library, consisting of some 600 books and magazines. Members can take out a maximum of three books each month, with the exception of specific reference works which can only be consulted in the library. 

Usually the librarian will bring a random selection of books into the Floreum for members to select from. 

The Library is open before each meeting from 13h00 to 14h00. 


The WOS stage two shows every year, an Autumn Show and a Spring Show.  We exhibit at the South African Orchid Council National Show which is held every three years at a venue somewhere in the country, changing every event.   The newly started annual Orchid Lovers Fair, also a SAOC event at the Walter Sisulu Gardens at the end of July, is now added to our exhibit list


Greenhouse Visits & Field Trips

Greenhouse visits are arranged at periodic intervals and members get the opportunity to see first-hand how other members grow their orchids.  

Field trips are arranged to see indigenous orchids growing and flowering in their natural habitats. We also arrange visits to other orchid societies or commercial orchid growers.


The WOS holds a meeting every month, with the exception of December. These meetings normally take place on the last Sunday afternoon of every month. The meeting venue is the Sima Eliovson Floreum, Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Emmerentia Dam, Johannesburg. 

Held on the last Sunday afternoon of the month starting at 13h00, with members meeting for tea and biscuits first and then the meeting proper at 14h00.


A monthly newsletter is sent to members with details of the next meeting’s speaker and topic and keeps members up-to-date on the Society’s activities.  Guests are always welcome to come to a meeting to see what our Society is all about.

Meeting Format

Meetings generally consist of the following:

  • The meeting starts with tea and biscuits and the chance for members to socialise and discuss their orchids with each other. Experienced growers are more than willing to answer new members’ questions.
  • A talk on some aspect of orchids and their culture. These talks are given by experienced members of the WOS or other South African orchid societies, international experts or other experts in specific fields relating to orchid culture.
  • A plant table consisting of flowering orchids brought by members. The orchids are discussed by one of our more learned members who give information about their origins and culture to increase the members’ knowledge.
  • A raffle of an orchid plant for fund-raising purposes.
  • A Sales Table where members have the opportunity to sell and acquire plants from other members. The prices are often substantially below those of similar plants offered by commercial nurseries.

Please note: There is no meeting in December!

Meeting Notice:

next monthly meeting for 2021

The WOS monthly meeting is held on a Sunday  at 13h00 for 14H00 and usually end between 16h00 & 16h30

PLEASE NOTE that due to renovation at our usual venue, The Floreum, still being in its final stages as well as the fact that gatherings are prohibited in the Gardens until further notice, the final meeting dates are still to be finalised but will  customarily be on the last Sunday of each month, but please see below for each specific month’s meeting.

The tentative dates are as follows:

January meeting – Cancelled due to Lockdown restrictions…

February meeting – planned for 28 February,  but subject to Lockdown restrictions…

March meeting – planned for 28 March,  but still to be confirmed

April meeting – planned for 25 April,  but still to be confirmed

May meeting – planned for 30 May – but still to be confirmed 

June meeting – planned for 27 June – but still to be confirmed 

July meeting – planned for 25 July  – but still to be confirmed 

August meeting – planned for 29 August -but still to be confirmed  

September meeting – planned for 26 September – but still to be confirmed 

October meeting – planned for 31 October – but still to be confirmed

November meeting – Usually our year-end event so subject to further details in due course



Show Notices:

Show dates for 2021

“ The committee and several members, (that are regularly involved with the management of the orchid shows), of the Witwatersrand Orchid Society, deem it prudent to err on the side of caution with the Covid–19 virus threat, fears and protocols that will be required if and when gatherings are allowed again and therefore, with sadness, announce that the customary Autumn Orchid Show end March / early April will be cancelled.

We are hoping that circumstances and regulations will allow us to have the Spring Show in the latter part of the year.”



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Please note that the information on this page is also available as a downloadable .PDF document.